Manufacturer of Quick Couplings, Connections, Dry Disconnect and Dry Break in Brazil

The FUNGUAP®The funguap is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Guapimirim city and since 1994 has been manufacturing Quick Couplings and Connections for the following sectors: Steel; Mining; Chemical industry; Petrochemical; Oil & Gas Chain; Road and Rail Transport; Maritime and Aviation.
Offering to the market fair price and assured quality, contributing for our Customers to improve their efficiency and profitability.

Possui em sua planta fabril: usinagem, laboratório de testes, fundição de metais não ferrosos (ligas de cobre e alumínio), além da Microfusão de metais ferrosos (aço inoxidável, aço carbono, inconel e outras ligas especiais).

E ampliando seu portifólio com a Linha DS para Dry Disconnect, Dry Break, Coupler e Todos Engates Camlock para o Brasil.

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Products Camlock Brazil

Line DS Dry Disconnect, Dry Break and Couplings

Check below our lines of Quick Hitch, Double Lever Hitch, Steam Line Hook, Tankunit, Hose Unit, Dry Break, Dry Disconnect, Dry Coupling, Self Sealing, and All Other Engines for Industries in Brazil.

Dry Disconnect Couplings

Engate Desconexão à Seco - Série DS

Camlock Couplings

Engate Dupla Alavanca - Série MIL

Camlock Couplings LPG GAS

Engate Dupla Alavanca - Série GLP

Universal Couplings

Engate Tipo Universal - Série ER

Ground Joint Couplings

Engate Linha Vapor - Série ELV

Hose Fitting and Clamps

Conexões e Abraçadeiras

Catalogs Camlock, Dry Disconnect, Dry Break and Coupler

Experience in manufacturing quick couplings and fluid transfer connections for oil, gas, chemical, and food lines.

Get to know our complete line of Engagements and Connections by viewing our catalog by downloading. This way you can access the technical specifications of each part in detail.

Series DS

Dry Disconnect Couplings
and Dry Break


Series MIL

Double Lever Couplings, Type Refiners, Camlock Couplings


Series MIL - Specials

Couplings, Fittings, Gas and fluid transfer reductions


Series GLP

Double lever Lever for the gas supply sector


Series ER

Universal Coupling Catalog American Type and European Type


Series ELV

High Pressure Steam Engines for Air, Water, Steam and Oil



Connections for Industrial Hoses, Oil and Gas



Impact resistant and torque clamps in the industrial sector


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